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At Home Divine Tattoo

Humans have been adorning our bodies with ink for millennia. I am carrying on the tradition of hand-poked tattoos within a ritualized container that is comfy and safe.

I offer spacious magical hand poked tattoo sessions at your home, get started here

I want to give the art of tattooing the time and attention a lifelong body modification deserves. I perform this magic in your home (or wherever feels most comfortable to you, in or near Denver Colorado). I specialize in co-creating artwork through intuitive tarot divination to help imbue your art with deep meaning.

Unlike a traditional studio, this offering provides an experience where you won't feel rushed or like just another task to complete.

Tattoos are scars that mark the significant moments of our lives and they are beautiful adornments that express our deepest selves.


My primary offering is a spacious half-day session where I meet you in your space and take time to open a container to co-create the artwork then apply it under your skin. Here's how it works:

  1. Start with a consultation, either by text, DM (on Instagram), or a call. Here is where we will see if I'm a good fit and what you have in mind.
  2. Once we have an idea of what you want we will set up a meeting time, you'll put down a non-refundable (but transferable) deposit of $50.
  3. I'll come to your space and we'll get to work.
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Hourly Sliding Scale Price



Sliding scale price of $90 to $170 an hour (half day is typically 4 hours). The size and complexity of a piece will greatly impact the time and thus the price.

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I want to make this sacred practice accessible to everyone, so I will consider trades and discounts, but I urge you to be generous. Money is power and you deserve to pour power into yourself.

I also offer at-home and virtual tarot readings and more traditional tattooing experience.

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I bring the values of comfort, ritual, and safety to my practice.


A relaxed body takes and holds ink better. I want you to feel soooo comfortable throughout this experience. By hosting the ritual in your home (or a friend's home) we can escape the tension and intimidation of a tattoo studio environment.

Hand poked tattoos are often much less painful than using a machine.


The act of forever modifying your body is a sacred one, I aim to treat it as such through ritual. Magic is all around us, accessible and free for anyone to tune into. I use my own blend of intuitive practices, I do not take from any tradition that isn't mine nor do I work with any powers beyond the unintelligible mystery of the universe and nature.


Tattooing always runs a risk of bloodborne illness, infection, and rare complications. While no one can reduce these risks to zero I take the reduction of risk very seriously by using sterile needles, decontaminate my tools, and other best pratices.

Performing tattoos in a home is inherently more risky than the more controlled environment of a tattoo studio.

I am also trauma-aware when it comes to consent and the risks of delving into the deep emotional landscape of our psyche. While I am not traditionally trained you can rest assured that I will provide grace and empathy in our divination time and practice informed enthusiastic consent in your body work.

In our time together you can always change your mind, stop, or take a break. Anything that comes up is welcome and safe.

My certificate of Bloodborne Pathogen Training

Image of a Bloodborne Pathogens Training and Infection Control for Body Art Professionals certificate made out to your's truly Drew Hornbein. It looks very official.

Bloodborne Pathogens Training and Infection Control for Body Art Professionals completed on Nov 12th 2023
ID 8460 7 11 12 2023 click here to verify

About The Artist

I've been illustrating for over 20 years and found a knack for hand poked tattoo during the pandemic when I started to experiment on myself. I've been self studying for the past 3 years, giving tattoos to friends and loved ones. I'm now ready to make my art and ritual available to everyone.

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